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Monday, 5 July 2010

Darul Qur'an Al Zahra a.s., Srinagar, Kashmir

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“Words of an Organizer”
By the grace of Allah  Almighty ,I Samina  Mrs. of hajat-ul- Islam Molvi Syed Abid hussain Razivi laid the foundation of an institution by the Name “Darul -Quran  Al – Zahra” ( A.S) in September  2006 (Shaban-Ul –Muazum1427 A.H ).The aim of the establishing the institution is to raise the intellectual standard and to enlighten the hearts & souls of our women folk with the teachings of Quran & Sunnah so that they remain updated and broad vision  and can easily tackle the problems of cultural invasion that the western world have imposed on us .

                    Beautiful quotes of Imam Khomeini regarding the status of women in society:
       “A Nation whose women stand in the front ranks for the achieving of Islamic goals will never suffer harm”

                “The women are the people who give their youth and then are honored ( by their martyrdom),a woman who endows her child and then says, I am honored that I was able to serve Islam this way “.

   Keeping in view the beautiful sayings of Imam Khomeini, we made an initiative to work upon women folk as they are considered as building blocks of a society.

     Our initial efforts were to organize different programmes in order to motivate and grasp the attention of youngsters as their hearts are most fertile one to accept the truth.

Ist phase----Initial   frame – work of Programmes:-
              i)   Muharam- Ul –Haram:-

·         Innovative Lectures during the month of Muharam –Ul-Haram.
·         Celebration of Eid – E –Zahara (A.S).
                     ii)  Mah-E- Ramadham:-
·         Recitation of 30 chapters (each chapter a day) of Al-Quran in the Holy month Of Ramadham
·         Teaching the tafseer of Dua-e-Abu Hamzah Thamalee..
·         Teaching of Ahkamie Mah-e-Ramadham.
                    iii)     Special Programmes includes:-
·         Celebration of birth and death anniversaries of our great Islamic Leaders.

    At the beginning, there was poor response, few women get motivated, but we did not lose our hope and continued our hard work with full enthusiasm, determination and it is the fruit of that firmness &hard work which results our thoughts /ideas to in the concrete form of small institution, Darul-e-Quran Al Zahara (A.S).

       There was no financial support of general masses till now. We propagate and continue our mission with our own efforts, but no doubt, the participation of women especially the young and energetic ones identified encouraged us.
Second Phase:-
In order to upgrade the standard of our curriculum and infra structure, we need the financial support so that we lead our mission a step forward and to in calculate the moral values and ethics in our women –folk in this challenging society.

   Presently, the institution(maktab) remain open throughout the year and we are engaged in importing Islamic education and Awareness among the women & in future we are going to open vocational training programmes for Desired women along with Islamic education.

                     The present extended and diversified frame work of our programme includes:-

·         Teaching of Islamic history.
·         Teaching of Ahadhees.
·         Teaching of Al- Quran its methods and rules.
·         Teaching of Arabic grammar.

                   Photograph of new building and women attending lectures, women members attending meeting. 



c/o Hashim H.Ali (Hashim Okera
511-2727 Victoria Park Ave. E. Toronto,
+1 647 3494673

The Board of Directors & Members of Darul Quran Al Zahara (A.S)  are as under:-
Chair Lady              Mrs Sameena Abid  Phone 9596093166 founder of Darul Quran Al Zahara (A.S)  is very honest & religious lady and she has worked hard for establishment of Darul Quran Al Zahra (A.S).

Vice Chair Lady        Miss Ishrat Huda     Phone No 9906627466 Msc  Working in private Educational Institute as Vice Principal

Treasuror                Mrs Syed Meema Sajjad     Phone  9419015195  &  9906597225   M.A   Working as Banking Officer in leading Bank of J&K State  JK Bank
Secretary               Miss Ambreen Yousaf        Phone  9906957935     Student Msc Botany   Reasearch Scholar (KU)

Member               Miss    Syed Aneesa          Phone   9906706000      Bsc   with Five year degree in Islamic  Education from Iran.

Other members are    
Dr Shahida Aga,
Mrs Anjum  Imtiyaz W/o Justice Hakeem Imtiyaz.
Mrs Batool Ishtiyaq,

 Darul Quran Al Zahra is a Muslim Organization to be run as per the teaching of Imam Jaffar Sadiq (A.S).

Darul Quran Al Zahra is an institution established in Jammu and Kashmir
Particularly in Srinagar District’s Lal Bazar area   to impart Islamic Knowledge & Craft 
Work to Muslim women. The main focus of institution is to impart (Islamic Knowledg. I.e. Quranic teachings and Hadis etc to all Muslim women young or adult.

To celebrate Martyr and birth anniversaries of Ahlibat Athar vocational training like cutting tailoring 
Embroidery tilla work computer training is also included.


1.   Any women who will be the member of Darul Quran should not be directly or indirectly involved
      with any political party.

 2. The governing body of Darul Quran Al Zahra will have five   members along with Managing 
     Director, General Secretary, Financial Advisor and Joint Secretary who will be selected from  
     Permanent members of Darul Quran after every five years.

3. The managing director will have the power to select ten working members from permanent 
     members of Darul Quran Al Zahra & also have the power to change or select any member as per  

4.  Any member who will create indiscipline or found guilty will be disqualified from membership.

5.   If any member of the Board will have excellent performanance she will be reserved for the 
       same position again.

6.   Institution will have two types of members permanent & temporary. A permanent member will  
       have to pay Rs. 1000/= yearly fee and temporary membership fee is Rs 100/= yearly.

7.   Only the permanent member will have voting power.

 Public  Relation.

1.  Public relation will be headed by General Secretary along with Joint secretary as member.
2. Public relation will be responsible for printing / publishing of all types of posters, Banners  
     and; conducting programmes.

3. Public relation will organize Majalis, celebrations days of Ahlibat Athar’s on their Martyr and
      Birth anniversaries.

4.  Public relation will have full authority to run the   institution, & also interact with other 
      Similar organization.

5.  The General Secretary will also take care of Stock registrar, receipt/ dispatch registrar.

  Financial Advisor.

 1.   The financial advisor /Accountant will look after the day book/cash book, bank Accounts, 
        prepare yearly balance sheet etc.

 2.   The Sadka/ Niyaz etc will be accepted with the permission of our Islamic Leader/Mujtahid.

 3.   The resolution will be submitted by the organization to the bank for opening of account,
        which can be operated by  two members selected by the organization.

 4.   The salary of teachers, helpers will be decided by the Board Members as per requirement.

 5.  The accommodation for the Institution will be hired on rental basis with proper  
       Agreement with land lord, It will be changed according to circumstances.

6.  In case our Institution   God forbid gets abolished the resources or the 
    Stocks/material will go in the hands of other Islamic Organization or Mujtahid.


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